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Historic Zefat

Zefat Academic College is a located at the gateway to the historic city of Zefat. The city’s illustrious history may be traced from the ancient world to its revered sixteenth century mystics and turn-of-the-twentieth-century Zionist pioneers.


The contemporary city of Zefat is steeped in the heritage of the sacred literature and poetry of great Jewish philosophers and mystics of the past. During the sixteenth century, known as Zefat’s “golden era”, rabbinic masters from Kabbalah luminary Isaac Luria to Shlomo Alkabetz, poet of the Sabbath Hymn Lecha Dodi, made enduring contributions to Jewish heritage.


ZAC is committed to building on the momentum of Zefat’s unique legacy in the twenty-first century. The College is opening new doors to affordable and accessible higher education to residents of the city and the region—and contributing to Zefat’s rapid economic development and the well-being of the community. College students provide municipal services and local NGOs with over 10,000 student volunteer hours each year. Zefat Academic College is advancing urban renewal and new technologies, and at the same time preserving the city’s precious historic landmarks on the College campus.



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