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The President's Vision

Professor Haim Breitbart is the fifth president of Zefat Academic College. In the past, he served as Dean of the Faculties of Life Sciences and Natural Sciences at Bar-Ilan University, and as Deputy Dean of the Medical Faculty in the Galilee.

He is not unfamiliar with the city of Zefat and sees his work in the city as part of a national mission to make higher education accessible and to strengthen the geographic peripheries. He also views it as an opportunity to renew the tradition of study in the “Holy City of Zefat,” where the scholar Yoseph Caro wrote a seminal work of Jewish Law and the revered Ari created the Kabbalah of Zefat.

To this day, Zefat is considered a leader in Kaballah scholarship and ZAC is a partner in advancing academic study in this field.

From his perspective, it won’t be long before Zefat will be a University city known for study and a model for coexistence.

Professor Breitbart is striving to lead ZAC to advance academic excellence, education and development.

“We recently presented a five-year plan to the Council for Higher Education, with the aim of opening new fields of study at the College, including a Master’s degree (with a thesis) to achieve academic excellence.  In the years ahead, the College will bring to the faculty highly regarded academics and researchers from varied universities across the country. These researchers will advance both research and teaching at the College.”

Studies at ZAC are conducted on an urban campus within the Old City of Zefat. Beit Hadassah, a hospital in the past, is a majestic presence along the hills of the ancient crusader fortress.  This balding is the heart of the campus, amidst the enchanting views of the Galilee. The College is gradually opening the doors to historic buildings on the Beit Bussel campus. Among the most prominent is the Wohl building, home to the library and a lecture hall, which was inaugurated at the end of 2014.

Professor Breitbart congratulates the active and generous friends of the College who are supporting its development.

The Wohl building was renovated and built with the support of the Wohl Foundation and the Rashi Foundation, joined by generous friends from New York, who joined the task to benefit the residents of the Galilee. These friends and others are advancing construction of academic buildings, dormitories, a center for medical studies and the strengthening of the campus infrastructure.  These step, and others, will advance the College’s academic excellence and will make the College a national leader.

All of these processes require support and assistance:

Loyal public figures, led by the Board, are advancing our strategy. The Academic Council, whose members include some 20 professors from all of Israel’s universities who are working with us to create the College’s vision and the reality. We are also assisted by Israeli Friends of the College.

Doubling the size of the College requires substantive financial resources and at the same time, we are seeking to raise funds for our excellent students.  We want to avoid circumstances in which promising students will not be able to pursue their studies due to financial constraints.

Together, our students, faculty and administrative staff are advancing our effort to make academic education accessible, with academic and administrative excellence, community involvement and  an environment of tolerance for cultural diversity.

A very high proportion of students at ZAC live in the Galilee.

A unique aspect of ZAC is the integration of academic achievements and excellence on the one hand, and, education to advance coexistence among diverse communities, on the other hand.

The College is recognized for its values of tolerance and mutual respect, outreach to those in need, cooperation and the capacity to recognize the good in each individual. We will also strive to draw students from Israel’s central region, with the hope that they will see Northern Israel as their future home and source of livelihood.



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